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🎁🎁 Only 4 left! Additional 50% discount! Tested by dermatology experts, alternating use yields better results. Don't miss this opportunity, next offer in a year!

🎁🎁 Only 4 left! Additional 50% discount! Tested by dermatology experts, alternating use yields better results. Don't miss this opportunity, next offer in a year!

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Bostore™ Tab and Mole Remover can improve skin health and help eliminate warts and spots. Its ingredients promote skin cell regeneration, repair damaged areas, and reduce inflammation. Restores clear skin in 2 Weeks.


"As a man with moles on my back, I have endured physical torment and pain. These moles were like spikes penetrating deep into the skin of my back. Every touch felt like needles pricking into my flesh and blood. Pain, sharp as teeth. When I wear clothes, these raised moles would constantly rub against the fabric, making me feel like my flesh was being torn apart. The pain would radiate throughout my entire body, causing me daily agony. Additionally, these moles resulted in uneven skin on my back, with noticeable bumps on the surface, and I felt like a statue. I envied others' smooth back skin, but mine was covered with moles.

Bostore™ Tags & Moles Remover has made an incredible difference for me. Through prolonged use, I have observed these moles gradually flattening, and my skin regaining its soft and smooth texture. I no longer had to endure merciless stings, and the pain in my back gradually diminished. This physical relief made me feel lighter, as if my body had relaxed. Today, the moles on my back are almost gone, and my skin has regained a smooth glow. I can finally wear beautiful clothes without worry and express myself with confidence. Thank you for bringing me back to life!" - Lucas Anderson, London, UK.

"I am a woman who, unfortunately, has been afflicted by God, and I have many large and terrible birthmarks on my face. Every morning, I go crazy in front of the mirror. These birthmarks haunt me like a curse, making me feel like a creature from another planet. In life, I fear being ridiculed and judged by others. Those strange glances were like sharp knives piercing my soul every time. I am afraid of gatherings and social interactions. Pain and suffering became a burden, something I had to endure every day. When I felt despair, Bostore™ Label and Birthmark Remover seemed like a messenger of redemption.When I first used this amazing product, it was like a lifebuoy. Every drop of essence in this small bottle gives me hope. I apply them to my face, and they are very safe and have not damaged my skin. Since using it, I notice changes in myself every day. These birthmarks started to gradually fade. Today, I have regained my life, and the birthmark is no longer a nightmare in my life. For friends who have struggled with birthmarks and pain, I dare say: Bostore™ Tags & Moles Remover is undoubtedly your savior! It not only transforms your appearance but also allows you to unleash your own unique light from the depths of your heart. Thank you for this amazing product; it is the miracle of my rebirth!" - Amelia Davis, Manchester, UK.

I have skin blemishes all over my neck. After a week of use, I immediately got results! I've tried so many products to remove skin blemishes in the past, but after six months of use, I still hadn't seen any results. This one gives you the desired results! - Daniel Clark,Oxford.UK


If you’ve ever noticed a little piece of dangling skin on your body, you’ve most likely found a skin tag. While these little growths are entirely benign, it is an eyesore for some.

Skin tags (acrochordons) are small, noncancerous growths that tend to be the same color as your skin. They often look like a cluster of skin tissue extending from a tiny stem. They’re sometimes darker and may resemble a raised mole. Most skin tags are between 1-5 mm, but some can grow as large as a few centimeters.


Skin tags occur when extra cells grow in the top layers of the skin. They tend to develop when the skin rubs against itself, so they are more common in people who are overweight, & therefore have folds of skin.


Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) - dehydrates skin tags, causing them to dry up and fall off.
Arborvitae Leaf Extract
This herb helps promote clear, healthy-looking skin when applied topically.

This organic compound possesses anti-coagulant or blood-thinning properties. In addition, several studies have revealed that borneol is also effective in treating inflammation, relieving pain, and eliminating odors. The wound-healing property of borneol is among its most beneficial uses.

Our skin biologists and formulation scientists have constantly been researching to deliver innovative products to meet a wide range of skin tag removal needs. This has resulted in the discovery of organic formulas of Bostore™ Tags & Moles Remover that can dry, shrink & heal skin tags.

Its active ingredients destroy the wart tissue, prompting it to loosen and fall off. Apply this wart remover on the face or body to dry and diminish skin tags until they naturally fall off the skin's surface.

  • Scar-free and Painless
  • Rapid & Visible results
  • Skin tags fall off naturally
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Easy and safe to use at home

Shelf life: 3 years
Net Volume: 3 ml

  • Bostore™ Tags & Moles Remover
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