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👄💎Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring🔥

👄💎Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring🔥

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✅Nickel Free ✅ Eco-Friendly

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Six colors to choose from
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  • 🔥Rescue your body curve and health🔥
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  • The ring can be freely adjusted according to the size of each hand, do not worry about the size of the problem, men and women can wear!

  • Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring - Technology

(Opening a new mode of smart wearable)

Get all phone notifications on your smart ring – calls, texts, emails, and more. Stay connected and respond easily.

Emergency SOS

In emergencies, the Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring offers quick access to services. Whether medical aid or security concerns, its SOS feature provides a reliable way to call for help.

Smart Life Butler

The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring replaces six cards with one, offering 'social sharing' and 'smart home link.' Waterproof and compact, it has energy stones regulating the body's field.

Health monitoring specialists

Embrace 24/7 monitoring, capturing 15-minute power naps. The app provides insights into sleep quality, recording every moment for detailed examination and personalized recommendations for optimal sleep wellness.

AIR with M1, Accurate Blood Glucose Data

Combine M1's blood glucose data with Ring AIR's exercise and sleep metrics for holistic health insights. This correlation offers personalized recommendations for improved metabolic health.

Health Status Analysis

The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring's advanced sensing technology provides highly accurate health monitoring, offering detailed insights into key data such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality for comprehensive daily activity and sleep management.


Continuous emotion monitoring provides timely insights into potential depressive symptoms. Recognize signs of stress, anxiety, or mood shifts for proactive mental health care.

Static blood pressure monitoring

The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring offers cuff-free blood pressure monitoring, ensuring comfortable and convenient measurements. Its compact design allows users to wear it on the finger for continuous monitoring, providing 24/7 health insights.

Exercise Monitoring

The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring intelligently records key data, including calorie expenditure, daily metabolism, and exercise modes. It tailors personalized exercise recommendations for effective fitness goal achievement, offering both tracking and performance optimization.

Strong endurance Super performance

The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring stands out with exceptional battery life. Offering up to 450 hours of standby time, 400 hours of working time, and a quick 0.5-hour charge, it ensures uninterrupted use. Say goodbye to frequent charging and embrace extended usage with this intelligent accessory.

Smart Chip

The flagship M1 chip redefines life with cutting-edge technology, setting a benchmark for innovation and elevating our daily experiences.

IPX8 class waterproof

With an IPX8 waterproof rating, this device seamlessly integrates into your active lifestyle, ensuring continuous health monitoring in any water-related activity. It's your reliable partner for holistic health management.

Mozambique Stone - Weight Loss

(titanium ion therapy)

Titanium ions, discovered by Dr. Michael Roy Davis, are studied for their potential impact on human health. The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring emits continuous titanium ion energy, believed to relieve conditions like anxiety and insomnia.

Magnet Therapy for Weight Loss and the Lymphatic System

  • Magnetic therapy stimulates natural healing, promoting overall health, burning fat, and enhancing beauty through improved blood flow, pain relief, and support for cardiovascular and immune systems.

    Magnetic therapy, especially on key energy centers like the heart or liver, can positively influence both physiological and psychological well-being.

Art meets technology

  • The Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring comes in classic black, versatile silver, and fashionable rose gold, providing options for different styles and occasions.


"On the second day of the product launch, January 2nd, I purchased this ring, and I finally feel satisfied and confident about myself and my body! Before wearing the Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring, my metabolism was sluggish. Knowing that surgery wasn't the best option for me, I decided to give this ring a try. I wear it every day, even during workouts. After just 2 weeks, my belly disappeared! If you're struggling with fluid retention, swelling, or weight loss, consider giving this ring a try!"

Regina Hawkins
Perth, Australia


"I find the Bio-chip Titanium Ion Lymphatic Smart Ring incredibly convenient. It provides detailed information about blood pressure fluctuations throughout the day, aiding my understanding of variations. With this, I've improved my blood pressure through diet, exercise, and regular medication. Initially unusual, I quickly adapted to using the Moissanite Smart Ring. My favorite feature is its ability to measure blood pressure anytime, keeping me informed about my health. I highly recommend it for hypertension management—a valuable tool for better blood pressure control and overall health improvement."

Dave Dunn 

Seattle, USA

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